Easy FAMILY DISPUTES Settlement Service

Easy FAMILY DISPUTES Settlement Service

Family is a very essential part of our life and family relations are very delicate and they need to be handled very wisely and smoothly. Everyone works hard, day and night to come back home for a happy and peaceful living. As, we know Indian families are rooted with so many customs, traditions, beliefs it becomes difficult to maintain these relationships.

Family disputes arise due to many reasons Inter-caste marriages, Property, Money and wealth, Generation gaps, difference in views, Joint businesses, Miss understandings and clashes among the extended family can cause problems in our daily life and day to day functioning.

At Sri Sai Jyothishyalaya our Pandit ji Shri Vijay Kumar Shastriji understands how important family is for any individual and solves the fragile matters with utmost maturity throwing light on matters and problems like an elderly father figure of family. His vast knowledge of solving family issues and always get an midway to find solutions.

Easy FAMILY DISPUTES Settlement Service

Every family and each family member is unique so Panditji always studies every case and suggests the best ways to solve the family matters.

Family matters are of various nature like:

  • 1. Joint family & business issues
  • 2. Lack of understanding between parents and kids
  • 3. Lack of love in marriage
  • 4. Family Events
  • 5. Ancestral House & Property sharing
  • 6. All these problems can be solved easily


These all conflicts are rooted in our Indian families everyone is losing connections and forgetting importance of family, So Panditji Shri Vijay Kumar Shastriji is on mission to give solutions to the families which bond them together by solving through Poojas for vastu, graha dosha, effects of rahu, ketu, guru, shani, mangal, shukra on families or persons of family. They also provide with their products to maintain peace and prosperity in the families.

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