Best hasta rekha shastra by Pandit Sri Vijaykumar Shastri

Best hasta rekha shastra by Pandit Sri Vijaykumar Shastri

Hasta Resha or Hasta Rekha are the lines on our palm which tell us our future, mainly about our life line, health, wealth and love life etc. It is also known as Palmistry in west or Europe, this is the most popular Jyothishgyan we know this seems to be basic but the study of the lines on palm can predict our entire past, present and almost future too.

Hasta Rekha is a branch of samudrikshastra in western countries Palmistry has scientific approval but in India it originated after the Vedic philosophy and all cosmic forces available.

Lines on our palm have the history and geography of our entire life but to study it and delivering accurate results it’s needs a lot of reading, knowledge, practice and patience.

  • Sri Sai Jyothishyalaya with their trained and experienced astrologers are the best in Palmistry.

hasta rekha shastra

  • 1. They will bring back the Shining Sun back in your dull life.
  • 2. Palmistry gives you deep knowledge about all the planets and the celestial bodies in your life.
  • 3. It tells you about your karma and the karmic connections of life.
  • 4. Palmistry is the practice of fortune-telling through the study of palm.

Book your appointment soon with Pandit Shri Vijay Kumar Shastrji to know your Fortune and luck.

Shastriji has done immense sadhana and Puja to achieve this mastery. Many times random people claim about reading palms and making predictions bit we should be aware from such fraudsters they are a mental as well as physical damage to us, so we should always take consideration and consultancy from a trusted one and Pandit Shri Vijay Kumar Shastriji is the best in his craft.

Palmistry can predict every doubt of your lives like:

  • 1. Life & Health.
  • 2. Education & Government Jobs.
  • 3. Financial problems & Money.
  • 4. Property related issues & Business losses.
  • 5. Love Marriage & Extra marital affairs.
  • 6. Negative & Enemies influence around.
  • 7. The movements of Gruh, planets, the sun, the moon in your life.
  • 8. Kids & infertility issues.
  • 9. Characteristics, Nature & temper control.

It is often said that “Our destiny is in our hands”. It means to our palms, they have lot to tell if we visit that right person for advice and predictions. Book your appointments to know what your palms have to say.

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