JanamPatrika also know Janamkundli or Horoscope is a birth chart. Every individual has his or her own and unique horoscope which is made by expert astrologers. It contains the details of all major astrological aspects of a person at the time of his/her birth. This chart tells the location of various zodiac signs, planet and other aspects which are considered in an astrological analysis.

Why do we need an aesthetic and accurate Janampatrika?

As we grow in life there are many challenges and aspects which are beyond our understanding and radar and it’s a matter of belief that Universe and celestial bodies play a major part in shaping our life, Janamkundli or Horoscopes provide us with estimates and insights about our future incidents and events. Definately things cannot be changed or stopped but by some rough predictions we can prepare ourselves and our families to face the consequences of destiny.

It is firmly believed that every auspicious occasions like marriage, naming ceremonies, inaugurations should be started on spiritually best days with best configuration of stars in our each houses of planets. Our strengths and weaknesses can be identified can be scrutinized by our horoscopes or kundli.

Janampatrika are made for horoscope match for perfect marriages.

Kundli match can help you find perfect soul mate for marriage.

Predictions of child’s future for better understanding of their life.

They help you analyze the configuration of planets and celestial bodies in our lives.

Janampatrika can help you resolve family issues and ancestral doshas

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