Janma Kundli In kannada and English

Janma Kundli In kannada and English

Janamkundli also known as birth chart or horoscopes is a analysis of all the parameters and factors during one person’s birth. Not every person is qualified and enable to prepare a Janamkundli, it needs a wide study and understanding of 12 houses and 12 zodiac signs and there relativity with the planets.

  • Lagna or Rashi: The main aspect of Janamkundli is to determine the Rashilagna or zodiac sign of an individual this is the most crucial element in forming the Janamkundli.
  • Calculations & Positions: An experts Astrologer uses the date, time and place of birth and then observe the positions of sun and moon during birth.
  • Drawing a birth chart: A birth chart can be drawn by an authentic astrologer as it needs perfection to draw segments for 12 houses, 12 planets, the sun, the moon for representation of our entire life on the birth chart.
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  • Uses of Janamkundli: Janamkundli or Horoscope is not just a document it is a total representation of different aspects and chapters of life it gives us a vision about our personal life, profession, parenthood & kids, family, health, wealth, property, success, marriage, name and fame. It tries to give you nearest perfect predictions of our future it also gives us precautions to deal with our problems calmly.

Astrology and it’s findings ate the essence of life and life events, Pandit Shri Vijaykumar Shastriji well experienced and the most accurate in making a Janamkundli or Horoscope if the given information about the person is accurate, Panditji can grant you the most true and perfect predictions. For ceremonies, birth, inaugurations Janamkundli can anticipate better results.

It’s a ritual in our Country to call Panditji on the birth of child to make a Janamkundli to have a insight about their future and also before marriage Janamkundli if bride and groom ate matched to ensure their companionship and future predictions to make sure they have a peaceful life forever.

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