Best Original Navratna Provider

Best Original Navratna Provider

The Navaratnas, or "nine gems" are a group of nine gemstones that are to have astrological powers in Vedic astrology.

As the name says every Ratna is associated with a particular planets and has strong influence in person’s life and his astrological birth chart. These Navaratnas are a natural gift by the mother Earth and Universe to us they are filled with immense energies and powers with therapeutic & medicinal properties of healing and recovery and they are often used by Astologers, Numerologists, Reiki practitioners they are embedded with an strong Aura to rejuvenate a person’s life in a cosmic way through rays and positivity.

They are usually worn as jewellery pieces like fingerings, pendants, necklaces etc. as suggested by their astrologer because they are not any fashion statement they should be scrutinized and studied by an expert, skilled and experienced Astrologer and then should be worn in our daily lives. The size, the colour, the quality, the kind of jewellery everything matters from one Horoscope to other and from individual to other.

Original Navratna

His services are also available online wherever your are residing his motto is to spread his knowledge and help as many as he can:

RUBY(MANIK): The king of all celestial bodies it represents the energy of Sun in one’s life, The power of sun in life is very essential power, passion, stability and shine like the Sun, it stimulates the power but also helps to balance energies around us by controlling our egos.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj): The stone of Jupiter represents wisdom, abundance, knowledge and it stimulates you to be powerful and super confident.

Blue Sapphire(Neelam): A beautiful stone associated with the planet Saturn it helps you bring more discipline, responsibility in walks of life.

Emerald(Panna): A deity of Buddha and a stone of Mercury represents intelligent and intellect, helps your energy to be youthful and energetic. It makes your communication above par.

Diamond(Heera): The stone of Venus depicting all peace, love and harmony it stimulates the feeling of oneness and love.

Pearls(Moti): The stone of Moon’s energy helps you to be luminous yet gentle shinier and brighter from outside but sub consciously strong.

Coral (Moonga): The stone of Mars or associated with Mangalgrah pushes your passion and energy gives you strength to be optimistic in all situations it makes you fearless like a fighter.

Hessonite Garnet(Gomedh): Rahu is a planet which brings the chaotic situations in life with lot of confusions , hence Gomedh helps in balancing the body, the mind and the soul, it’s a combo of the sun and the moon.

CHRYSOBERYL CATS EYE (Lehsunia): A gem stone associated with the ketu helps in your spiritual awakening, it helps to stimulate your crown chakra and enables a spiritual connection with detachment and tolerance.

To avail the benefits of all the Navaratnas in your life book an appointment with Panditji at Shri Sai Jyothishyalaya.

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