Numerology Calculator helps you decipher your magic numbers, intent powers, personality characteristics, and life lessons using numerology numbers and names. Numerology is the analysis of numbers and is based on your name and date of birth. The sum of the values results in a number that is relevant to you and represents the correlation of energies that universe holds for you . So, dive in your hidden talents and discover what numbers your future has in store with our numerology calculator.


Numbers hold a great significance in our lives they play a crucial part and enhance if scrutinized properly by a well-trained and expert Numerologist. Numerology is a part of Vedic astrology and every number holds a power that can rule your life.

  • There are two branches of Numerology
  • 1. Name Numerology
  • 2. Birth Number Numerology

The Numerology Calculator can help you find the ruling numbers in your horoscopes.

To keep all dispute and court cases away from your life take help and guidance from Panditji to keep your life stable, for victories in all your court case we should know about the position of Rahu, the birth chart also has a clear idea about the victories and losses in critical cases.


  • 1. Help in Making Optimum Decisions.
  • 2. Helps in create more and love in Your Relationships.
  • 3. Helps in Finding out your hidden talents and treasures.
  • 4. Helps in Defining and creating new Opportunities and handling them efficiently.
  • 5. Helps in Improving quality of your Life.

Simple changes in your daily routine life with a great assistance of Pandit Shri Vijaykumar Shastriji can bring you bundles of success and clarity in your life. This branch of Astrology can push you to higher limits.