Astrology or any kind of Jyothishyashastra is connected to persons confidential life and that had to be respected in each manner, So it’s very necessary for the astrologer to maintain the level of cautiousness with the information of the client So, when it comes to individual who seek help from Panditji can be assured that their

  • 1.Personal data and information is safe with guruji.
  • 2.No information is shared on testimonials or social media without seeking the consent of the client.
  • 3.Problems or discussions with guruji are safe they are not even passed to the other family members of the individual.
  • 4.How Data is Collected: Explain the methods used to collect data, such as user input or automated systems.
  • 5.Purpose of Data Collection: Clarify why you collect this data, whether it's for providing astrological readings, personalized horoscopes, or other services.

  • 6. Your data is safe and procured, and without sharing it to anyone and Panditji, he himself puts his energy and attention to every case so that you can free and completely relax and free to Share your darkest secrets and desires.
  • 7. Tempering the information on internet or Social media or website will be considered as a punishable offence
  • 8. Copyrights : The content and information of the products at Shri Sai Jyothishyalaya.

Shri Sai Jyothishyalaya is highly recommended because it solves your problems with utmost care and sensitivity keeping in mind. Thank you may your future bring you lot of abundance and happiness.

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