Santana or kids are the messengers of God. Every couple is willing to have a complete family and healthy children to take their legacy and bloodline ahead. After, a certain years life seems to be pointless and aimless if the family has no children which leads to loneliness.

Nowadays, with this growing technology, modernisation, sedimentary lifestyle, stress, anxiety, late marriages, incorrect food habits infertility is a common problem which is not even been diagnosed and detected by specialist doctors. Expensive treatments are not helping the healthy couples to conceive naturally leaving the couple’s childless.

Astrology believes that children and family are a part of fortune and destiny and Pandit Shri Vijaykumar Shastriji has solution to every such modern problems too. He performs several Poojas and has abilities to forecast near to perfect predictions of kundli dosha and Rashi dosha which restrict the couple’s to have healthy kids.


Following the predictions from the zodiac signs astrology can assist you with auspicious dates and timings to have healthy kids which can be a boon to the family and can take forward the name of family.

Children in age of adolescence mislead their paths and get indulge into wrong activities, but as parents we can’t just wait and watch to solve their behavioral changes there are several remedies, pooja and healing products which can always keeps your kids from the evil eyes of the world.

Numerology, Chinese Numerology, Horoscope readings, Nakshatra, Western horoscopes etc.

Many modern families nowadays have adapted various beliefs and customs when it comes to astrology and horoscopes. We make sure to be the one stop solution for all your entangled issues related to your children and family plans.

Every child’s destiny is written before it’s birth and best astrologer can help you to unlock all the hidden secrets which can be resolved by few easy steps for a Happy Child and complete flourishing family legacy.