Shree Vaishanav Devi Darshan

Shree Vaishanav Devi Darshan

One of the most auspicious, ancient and important pilgrimage of India, situated in the mountains filled with ice camouflaging with the clouds, located in Trikuta mountains in Katra. This is one of most visited and worshipped temple in India on the peak of mountain with a long Trek to reach the temple.

Pilgrims all over witness this temple once in life due to utmost belief and faith on Maa Vaishno devi. Lakhs of people visit vaishno devi every year, but before planning to take the blessings of Maa vaishno devi there is some homework which is to be done to have a hassle free Darshan and Pooja.

To maintain law, order and discipline and avoid the unnecessary crowd a process of Online registrations and appointments is started, and people have to book the online application for a perfect date to visit the temple.

Vaishno Devi yatra

People opt for various means to reach the temple,

  • 1. Some people walk the entire Trek.
  • 2. Some opt for pony or horses to reach quickly.
  • 3. Doli rides are available for old and physically weak people. Online darshan pass and appointment are mandatory before planning a trip, So that your time is not wasted.

Sri Sai Jyothishyalaya takes complete responsibility of your hassle free, tension free darshan and a complete satisfaction of complete Darshan.

Contact Shri Pandit Vijaykumar Shastriji for all you minute problems and details before planning a trip to Maa Vaishno Devi.

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