Top Vastu Consultant Services In karnataka

Top Vastu Consultant Services In karnataka

Vastu Shastra is an old Indian architectural and design philosophy that aims to blend the environment with natural elements and celestial energies. It is influenced by the energy of the Sun in our life. When an individual works hard to build his own workplace or home invests his lifetime earnings and savings and the precious time and energy to build the dream home or office Vastu Shastra can help you a create peaceful beginning of your new chapters of life.

Here are some key aspects and principles of Vastu Shastra:

Pandit Shri Vijay Kumar Shastriji is trained and expert Vaastu Consultant has made news peaceful and calm with his insights on Vastu.

Which fields vastu helps you?

  • 1. Build a new home.
  • 2. Buying a property or land.
  • 3. Buying a new office or Shop.
  • 4. Understanding layouts and architecture.
  • 5. Sometimes we may fall ill, feel inactive or lethargic and we couldn't figure it out the reason but Vastu can really lend you some positive changes.

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Let's understand the foundations of Vastu.

Five Elements: Vastu is established on the belief that the universe is composed of five elements - earth, water, fire, air, and space (or ether). Balancing these elements in the design of a building is essential for symmetry and balance in both personal as well as professional life.

Directions: Vastu highlights the importance of cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west) and their impact on the design and placement of rooms, entrances, and various architectural features. According to vastu everything has it's place and significance if we follow Vastu Shastra from an Expert and professional reader it will guarantee best results.

Layout and Design: The layout and design of a building should adhere to specific Vastu principles, which may include the placement of rooms, the location of the kitchen, the position of the main entrance, and the frontage of the building.

Energy Flow: Vastu seeks to ensure the free flow of positive energy (prana) throughout the building, while avoiding the obstruction of negative energies (doshas).

Materials and Colors: The choice of building materials and colors are considered important in Vaastu, with certain materials and colors believed to have specific effects on energy and occupants.

Remedies: If a building doesn't adhere to Vastu principles or has negative energies, various remedies may be recommended, such as using certain symbols, placing specific objects, or performing rituals.

Personal and Professional Success: Many people turn to Vastu to improve aspects of their lives, including health, wealth, relationships, and career success, by aligning their living and working spaces.


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