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Good education is essential as it provides knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities, empowering individuals to make informed decisions, contribute to society, and pursue fulfilling careers. A stable job, on the other hand, provides financial security, opportunities for personal growth, and a sense of purpose. Together, they can lead to a better quality of life and societal progress.

Major times we dream about a life but fail to achieve instead of our immense hard work because the unseen reasons. Vedic Astrology and study of sun signs have the potential to anticipate your destiny and can lead you to the right path to achieve your Professional goals in life.


Many parents are worried about their children’s career and education but all answers are clear in their Kundli or Janampatrika about which fields are weal for them and which can gain them success and prosperity.

Every Birth chart is unique our Rahu, Saturn or every planet influences our decisions Placement of each grah, Nakshatra and their house play a significant role in our outcomes, but all these can be Simplified with a experienced and skilled Astrologer. Sometimes Universe gives us signals about the good and bad times of our life but we fail to understand and land up in other fields where we can’t enjoy our work and that leads to depression instead a small help from an Astrologer can read your inner skills and talents and help you find right placements for you in Universities or Organizations by making your inner conscience happy and filled. All these minute confusions in our life can be sorted with the pure guidance of Pandit Shri Vijaykumar Shastri at Shri Sai Jyothishyalaya with very easy going steps with a perfect clarity on shaping your Education & job queries.

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